Our Story

Around the Well is an Adelaide based organisation working in partnership with people with a disability, and their families and carers.

Our qualified team provide support services tailored to individual needs and goals including; NDIS Specialised Support Co-ordination, Support Coordination and Counselling.

Around the Well are experienced at working with people who have high and complex needs, providing access to supports and opportunities designed to positively impact their life, and the lives of those around them. At the heart of our philosophy, is a sense of compassion and care that is underpinned by a lived experience, an understanding of navigating the NDIS, and the complexities and challenges that may be faced along the way.

Our name is inspired by our ancestors, who traditionally gathered to collect their water ‘around the well’. This act was not only vital to sustain physical life, but it was also vital in creating a sense of emotional wellbeing and connectedness amongst people. The ritual allowed villagers to tell their stories, and share their achievements, hopes, dreams and struggles. Through listening and being there for one another, the social fabric of their community was developed and nurtured.

Around the Well applies this concept by providing a person-centered service, and a trusted, safe and supportive environment in which people can flourish. We are passionate about advocating for our clients, and acknowledge the privilege and responsibility of ensuring they are connected with services and providers to suit them. Our holistic approach involves gaining a deeper understanding of a client’s wants, needs and goals. By creating a support team tailored to these, Around the Well strive toward achieving the best possible outcome and experience for all.


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Around the Well is constantly inspired by the amazing individuals we work with and look forward to assisting you on your journey.

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