NDIS Support Coordination

NDIS Support Coordination takes on many forms and is customised according to individual needs.

Around the Well provide a range of services to clients, but not limited to:

  • In partnership with clients, we unravel and explore their NDIS plan, goals and funding lines.
  • Together we identify current providers, mainstream supports, health agencies and informal supports.
  • We support clients to identify a range of services to assist them in working towards their goals.
  • We support clients in managing resources effectively, ensuring they stay on track with funding and utilise their plan to the fullest.
  • Around the Well applies a holistic approach in working with current and potential providers. We endeavour to develop and support a unified approach by formal and informal supports.
  • Around the Well encourage all participants to actively be involved during the implementation of their NDIS plan, thus supporting our clients to navigate the NDIS portal and ensuring they are linked via My Gov.
  • As a team offering both Support Coordination and Counselling experience, we assist clients to identify what services they require to work towards specified goals and timeframes, and develop a framework of how to measure their progress.
  • Around the Well have extensive experience in working with Allied Health professionals in identifying Assistive Technology (AT) needs, application to NDIS and implementation of approved funds.
  • We work alongside approved providers to implement house and/or vehicle modifications to enrich participants’ lives and help them achieve greater independence.
  • We work with clients to explore work opportunities; both open employment and Disability Employment options.
  • Around the Well have a proven track record in supporting NDIS participants to secure Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) and Supported Independent Living funding.
  • We can explore short term accommodation (STA), medium term accommodation (MTA) and respite options that suit clients’ individual needs.
  • In partnership with clients, we gain an understanding of their formal and informal supports to identify any barriers and implements a support plan to overcome them.
  • Around the Well explore independent living options (ILO) and can tailor the model to suit clients’ goals, lifestyle and individual needs, such as being fully accessible or providing liveability.
  • As your Support Coordinator, Around the Well support and guide clients in navigating services and ensuring they receive value for money.
  • We ensure providers are delivering a high standard of client focussed service and care.
  • We work alongside the NDIS Quality and Safeguard commission ensuring all mandatory reporting is up to date, and that all regulations and safeguards are adhered to at all times.
  • Our experienced team assists clients prepare for plan reviews, and has a successful track record due to Around the Well’s well-developed methodology and approach.
  • We pride ourselves on working with providers and participants in developing a detailed outline of future needs and goals that are inline with funding needs.
  • Our team supports clients during planning meetings and works with the Local Area Coordinator (LAC), NDIS Planner and NDIS Complex Team to provide all the relevant information to ensure all aspects of, and the information relating to a client’s needs is taken into consideration.

Please contact Around the Well to discuss your individual needs.

Around the Well is constantly inspired by the amazing individuals we work with and look forward to assisting you on your journey.

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